Cat Thrown from Car

by Rebecca Reid • Posted in: Adoptions, Outreach, Rescue, Where are they now

Chaplain lived to tell the story of the time he was thrown from a car…

And found a brand new forever home within a few short weeks.

Chaplain2Chaplain’s story was told on several news outlets. He as well as a sweet kitten named Batty Koda were thrown out of separate moving vehicles within three days of one another. Many were unsettled by this appalling “trend”. Nonetheless, two good samaritans picked the cats up from the side of the road and brought them somewhere safe: Austin Pets Alive!.

Shortly thereafter, Batty was placed in a loving foster home and Chaplain moved into the Town Lake cattery where he quickly learned to love his newfound celebrity.

What celebrity? Well, outside of becoming the famous 14-year-old blind cat that survived being thrown from a car without injury, cat volunteers ran a “Chaplain Selfie” contest and took pictures with the crinkle-eared love-bug left and right.

Chaplain may have been blind, but he certainly could see a bright future ahead. 

ChapTaylorJust as he moved into the cattery and the hearts of dozens of cat-lovers at APA!, he moved into the heart of an enthusiastic adopter named Taylor. Taylor came to APA! looking for a kitten but fell in love with this sweet boy right away. Her excitement was immediate and her spirit kind. Now, Chaplain is not only famous, but a wonderful member of a loving forever family.

Animals like Chaplain find a brighter future at Austin Pets Alive! approximately 6,000 times each year. For some, the journey is simple and easy, for others, it tugs at a few heart strings. But for all, it means a truly happy ending.


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