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Was literally under anesthesia, about to be euthanized at the San Antonio shelter when Dr. Jefferson came to pull animals from the kill list.  Hannah was one of the lucky ones to be saved and now she is safely in foster at Austin Pets Alive!

Hannah has been through a lot and her injuries show that she most likely was hit by a car.  Hannah has a broken back leg/hip that requires surgery to repair as well as a lame front leg that needs to be amputated.

Despite all these hurdles ahead of her, she is still wagging her tail!  Please watch her video to see her wagging tail in action.

Please consider a donation towards Hannah’s two surgeries so that she can live pain free and be adopted into her forever home. Thank you for your support of Hannah and Austin Pets Alive!

3 Responses to "Hannah"

  1. Jody Jensensays: October 22, 2011 at 8:49 am

    Is it necessary to amputate the front limb? She uses the leg. It appears it is the paw that is floppy. Could the paw be fused so that Hannah could maintain 4-limb balance for standing and keep some semblance of symmetry? As long as the tissue is healthy it would be great to see if Hannah could adapt her gait (once the rear leg is fixed) and learn to use the front leg as a prop.

    Jody Jensen

  2. Lindsaysays: October 22, 2011 at 9:37 am

    Thanks for the question Jody!

    Its possible Hannah might not need the leg/paw amputated but it is very likely she will. She has nerve damage that causes her to drag the foot. Unfortunately with those kinds of injuries the limb that is being drug gets damaged quickly and gets infected. When we pulled Hannah from San Antonio the paw was severly swollen and filled with infection. If we don’t amputate then this will just happen again.

    There is a very small chance that the nerve damage could heal and she could regain use of the front leg but it is unlikely. We’re putting off the front leg surgery until after the rear leg/hip surgery has healed to give that time to happen if it is going to. The good news is 3-legged dogs, especially small-medium sized dogs like Hannah, do GREAT without that 4th limb.

    Her back legs definitely need surgery (scheduled for the first week of November at ATA with their surgeon) so we really need funds ASAP to pay for it!

    Thanks everyone!