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My name is Kiki. On Sunday, September 4th, I lost my home due to the large wildfires in Bastrop, TX.  For 5 days, I remained on my family’s property without food or water, waiting for them to return for me.

On the night of Friday the 9th, my dream came true and my owners came looking for me. I ran up to greet them, purring uncontrollably. They looked at me with very concerned, crying but smiling faces. They then offered me food and water from their hands. As we drove out of our neighborhood that night, I was amazed at the devastation around me and realized that I was a very lucky kitty.

Since then, I have been at Bastrop Veterinary Hospital in Bastrop, TX. I’ve been treated for 4th degree burns on all my feet and have lost several toes. Even my tail, whiskers and ears were burnt.  My feet hurt a little bit but the doctor is giving me good pain medicine. I am very content lying next to my food and water bowl most of the day, sleeping and relaxing.

The doctors say I have a few months of bandage changes and rehab left until I am better. My owners come to visit me as often as they can, but they don’t have a home yet and are living in another town with their family.  I look forward to the day when I am able to go home with my family and enjoy our new house together.

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