Update on Mr. Z, 10-01-08

by austinpetsalive • Posted in: Rescue

This is a quick update, written by Mr Z‘s foster mom, who is swamped with taking care of him and her other dogs while having a full-time job:

Mr. Z is one happy dog, despite his back leg, which has extensive skin/muscle loss and scar tissue. He is healing very well and runs at the front of the pack when at the leash free parks. He’s famous – when at the dog parks, he is immediately noticed by others saying “Hey Mr. Z!” and “Oh, there’s the dog that was on tv!” Neighbors and colleagues also ask about him whenever they see him.

In the last few weeks, Mr. Z went to a soft tissue specialist, who was considering either a skin graft (which may require two surgeries) or complete amputation. He also had x-rays last week, to see if he has arthritis in his good back leg, which would not make him a candidate for amputation, if that is determined to be the best course of action. However, he’s been through so much that it may be the vets’ decision to leave the leg as is, which is suspended, allowing to walk and run on three legs. Docs may also do “tension relief cutting”, allowing him more left body side movement, so he can hop in and out of the car and on and off of the higher furniture. Mr. Z is a sweet little lover boy who sleeps in the crook of my arm every night. A thirty two pound lap dog! Please keep him in your thoughts as he continues to recover. He’s one special pup!

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