We need cat litter!

by austinpetsalive • Posted in: Donations

Have you ever walked into the Cat Adoption and Clinic building at our new Adoption Resource Center and caught a big whiff of litter box odor? Oh no! It’s not due to a lack of litter box maintenance, and it definitely isn’t because of unusually stinky cats.

It’s because we don’t have the right kind of litter for a room that houses about 12 litter boxes. We rely primarily on donated goods to care for our cattery cats. As such, our preferred cat litter is Tidy Cat Scoops Multi Cat. (It’s in the yellow and blue bucket.)

Cat litters are not created equal, and what works well in a home with 2 or 3 cats might not have adequate odor control for a cattery that is home to 28 cats. For instance, Feline Pine is a great natural product, but the odor control doesn’t hold up to multiple uses. Fresh Step has excellent odor control, but it’s too dusty to use in glass enclosures. Non-clumping litter is more difficult to keep clean, so we don’t use it in the cattery. However, if you have an extra bag laying around, the tiny residents of our Bottle Baby Nursery can use it when they’re old enough to start learning about the litter box.

Tidy Cat Scoops is very cost and smell effective, and you can pick it up at the grocery store! Our cattery cats are such great ambassadors for the work we do at Austin Pets Alive!, and we want visitors to the building to see our wonderful cats, not smell them. We and the cats would be so grateful for donations of this litter!

We’re also looking for paper towels and hand sanitizer. We’ve got to keep these kitties clean and healthy too!

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