December Volunteer Dog Pick of the Month: Marge!

by Hilary Bentley • Posted in: Pets Needing Homes

Pretty pittie Marge, the lady with the smile.  Marge has been featured before on APA!’s blog and she’s a regular guest star at special events.  She’s practically a local canine celebrity.  So why hasn’t she found a home yet?

We have no idea!  That’s why Marge is our Volunteer Dog Pick of the Month!  We reserve this special spotlight for the most favorite dogs in our program who are inexplicably being overlooked for adoption. 

In fact, not only has she been overlooked, Marge is the longest-stay dog at APA! right now.  We’ve had this charming lady fair since March 4th.  That’s 265 days as of December first and there’s just no valid reason for such a fantastic dog to wait so long.  Marge’s home is out there and it’s time that we help her find it!

How did Marge earn the very rockstar, highly coveted title of Volunteer Dog Pick of the Month?  Is it because we’re sadly bemoaning her extended stay?  Yeah right!  If you’ve ever met Marge, you’d know that sad bemoaning is about as far from her style as it gets! 

Marge is a carefree, social butterfly with personality to spare!  She is super pleased to meet you whether you’re a friend of the two-legged or four-legged variety (although, if you’re a cat, she’s a little TOO pleased to meet you).  Marge loves to play, romp, frolic, and just hangout.  She’s an instant best friend; the kind you can’t wait to see and the last person you want to talk to at night before you go to sleep.

This dog really is a rockstar and her legions of fans have plenty to say about her too…

“I was lucky enough to be able to take her to the Pit Bull rally and she was a perfect doll!  She loved all of the attention and got along with all of the other dogs perfectly.  She rolled on her back to get petting from all of the kids, and was just happy to see anyone and everyone that came up to see her.  She is super sweet and loves to snuggle and will even sit on your lap!  She has the biggest smile ever and has the ability to make everyone around her smile too!   Someone will be very lucky to have her in their lives.”  -Kynama Wald, APA! Volunteer

“It’ll sound impossible, but Marge is TWICE as cute in person (in dog?) as she is in her picture.”   -Melissa Kaplan, Adoring Fan; Met Marge at Pedals for Puppies

“Marge is adorable and my 9mo old daughter just loved her and her cute puppy kisses!” -Julie Bradshaw Amerault, Adoring Fan; Met Marge at Pedals for Puppies

“Marge is just a sweet girl! She has excellent play skills. We introduced her to Cindy, who was a little nervous and tense when they first met. But Marge’s relaxed personality just seem to put her at ease and within seconds, they were play bowing and starting to play. Her happy smile and huge ears that can stand straight up give her such a goofy, happy appearance that is reflected her in attitude towards life.”  -Jen Germann, APA! Dog Foster Behavior Lead

If you’d like to meet Marge or learn more about her, email email hidden; JavaScript is required. Can’t take her home yourself, share her story with everyone you know and let’s find this wonderful dog the happy, fun home that she deserves!

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