Flash, Teddy, Fox (lil’ pirate), and Sassy – An update on our extra special dogs

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I’ll start with Flash. He is recovering well and off all his meds and gets his staples out Monday. He is still crate confined, which is the hardest part. He is so restless and wants to roam! His foster reports that Flash is just “the best dog”. They also decided that he has fit in so well into their family that they are going to adopt him and continue to love and care for him for the rest of his life!

“We love him and would love for him to be a part of our family. He fits so well!. The whole family is in love with him!” -Melanie

Horray for Flash! The moment he stepped out of the shelter he met his forever family. Yet another of our fosters found a special place in her heart for an extra special dog.


On to Teddy, last time we updated on him we announced that he too was being adopted by his foster. Our volunteer team is still helping out with his recovery though and were able to take these videos:

Teddy has learned to go through the doggy door already so he can lie in the sun! He is such a sweet boy and he remains thankful for everyone’s donations to get him better!


Fox (or as we used to call her, lil’ pirate) was our most recent special pup. She had to have her eye removed! I saw her at the Volunteer Backyard Bash at the building last week, she was the life of the party and having only one eye definitely didn’t slow her down. She wanted to meet everyone and was curious about everything! I did manage to get her to sit still for a minute to pose for a photo:


From Sassy:
I’m doing much better after my second (and last!) surgery. The doc cleared me to take short, leashed walks and I’m not in the crate so much. I get to hang out with my foster family and lie in the sun in the yard (one of my favorite things). I had a little hiccup in my recovery so haven’t taken a walk in a while. I ran a fever for a day or two (probably an infection) and whimpered when I moved my leg a certain way because it hurt. I can’t remember what I did, but I’m better now! I’m ready to start looking for my very own forever family and I hope they’re ready to meet me.
Email email hidden; JavaScript is required if you’re interested in adopting Sassy!

Thank you to everyone who donated or shared these pups stories with others. They would not be thriving in their new forever or foster homes if it was not for your help!

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