Local Artist Teams with APA! to Promote Long-Stay Dogs

by Marketing • Posted in: Awareness/ PR

A Guest Post by Elizabeth Stolle, Long-Stay Dog Marketing Volunteer

RustyKissArtistSometimes we scratch our heads and wonder why our most well-trained and beloved shelter dogs remain un-adopted for months and months. That’s when a team of staff and volunteers jump into action and try new strategies to get these dogs the loving homes they deserve.

Our Long Stay Dog Marketing Team is hard at work implementing new programs to bring attention to these wonderful dogs too often overlooked by adopters. When local artist and animal-lover, Kimberly Landa, approached APA! about donating her art to help, we jumped at the opportunity. Beautiful Rusty Sledge was chosen as our first feature Portrait Dog. This beautiful portrait will go home with Rusty Sledge’s lucky adopter.

Rusty Sledge and his portrait will be making an appearance at the ABGB this Saturday, Nov. 14th for the release of their new APA! American Pale Ale. Proceeds help Austin Pets Alive and our long-stay dogs. Rusty Sledge, his portrait, and lots of his long-stay dog-friends will be present starting at noon. Come join us!

Rusty+PortraitMany thanks to talented Kimberly Landa for her love of shelter dogs and her fabulous art. If you’d like a portrait of your own best friend (canine or feline) check out Kimberly’s website: http://www.kimberlylanda.com or find her on Instagram @ArtbyKimberly.

To learn more about APA!’s long-stay dogs check out Facebook fan page https://www.facebook.com/apalongstaydogs.

Read more on the fabulous and adoptable Rusty Sledge here: http://www.austinpetsalive.org/2015/09/early-mornings-with-rusty-sledge.