November Dedicated to Finding Purr-fect Homes for Special Seniors

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Adopt-A-Senior-Pet Month highlights the benefits of adopting a mature dog or cat

By Jessi Freud, Austin Pets Alive! volunteer

There is a little secret at shelters and rescues that gets exposed every November: senior dogs and cats are so super adoptable! This month is Adopt-A-Senior-Pet Month and it’s a great time to celebrate everything we know and love about our older, more mature, residents.  At APA!, we are serious senior cheerleaders. Just last month, we started an innovative program called Seniors for Seniors, which offers a promotional adoption fee waive for all animals at least 8 years old for adopters over 60 years old. For adopters who aren’t in their saucy sixties yet, cats and dogs 8 years and older have just a $25 adoption fee.

Here are just a few of the superior seniors that are waiting to go home with you this month:

Ringo: This sweet intelligent guy is waiting for his perfect home, one with a loving, active companion who appreciates the value of a mature dog. Ringo has the rugged good looks and calm, easy nature of an old western cowboy hero. Ringo’s mellow, relaxed nature makes bonding with him easy. On first meeting you, he will make and hold steady, good eye contact as if he wants to put you at ease. Ringo has been a long-stay boy and will need a patient companion to teach him the ropes of living in a home. But, we have no doubt he will catch on quickly. After all, you can always teach an old dog new tricks.

Bear: This gentle boy is the reason the affectionate nickname “gentle giant” was created. Bear just wants to be at your side and follow your lead. He is hard of hearing but is so attentive to a handler that doesn’t stop him from being so sweet and easy to handle on and off a leash in the play yard. Bear thrives on human company and would be a great fit for any household that wants to provide a loving, peaceful retirement home to the kindest of dogs.

Tigre: Tigre is a social, friendly, loving cat. He purrs and is very talkative. He is easy to hold and a total love bug. He gives very cute squeaks when he wants attention, with his tongue out which is hilarious! His coat is a handsome deep rusty color. He came to us very skinny and malnourished, but despite these hardships he still has a very positive attitude and is gaining weight like a champ. He is great with other cats and very gentle with kids. Unlike when adopting a young kitten, when you adopt an older cat, like Tigre, you know just what you’re getting. He’s well-mannered, perfectly litter box trained, very friendly, affectionate, and gentle. He’s also very good with only using kitty-designated scratching posts. Come and meet Tigre today!

Maria: She likes to be around people and sit next to you on the sofa, but she doesn’t need to be constantly petted. She’s content just to be near you! Since Maria is older, she is less active. But, she likes to roam from room to room, checking things out, and playing with her crinkly toys and circle ball. She’s also a morning person. She’s very chatty as soon as she gets up! As a wise older lady, Maria knows exactly what she wants: a quiet home where she is the only pet. She will keep you company but entertain herself. She is the perfect companion for someone who wants a low-key, low-maintenance kitty.

In addition to Ringo, Bear, Tigre, and Maria, we have lots of other amazing senior dogs that would love to light up your home and life. Please visit our list of adoptable dogs and cats to see which senior life you want to save this Adopt-A-Senior-Pet Month!

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