November Volunteer of the Month – Faith Wright!

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Faith Wright is Austin Pets Alive’s dog foster co-manager and puppy bottle baby extraordinaire!  She works tirelessly to ensure dogs are in the best environment possible while waiting to get adopted, coordinating dogs for adoption events, and personally feeding (round the clock) many of the little pups in the program.  Here are just a few of the many things her fellow volunteers have to say about her:

“She is stellar with pleas and getting the endless stream of pups and dogs into foster homes, she is tireless with her own dog fostering, she’s extremely responsive, knowledgeable and tireless.  She even helps out with PASS.  Faith is an inspiration, she does all of this on top of having a job and children.  I have no idea how she does it all, but so thankful that she does!” ~Gerri

“Faith tirelessly takes in bottle babies, pleas for fosters, coordinates fosters to events, is co manager for the foster program…she initiated the  counselor appreciation day…what else can I say? Go Faith!”  ~Cathy

“Faith never stops.  She not only leads the foster plea team but she also is the dog foster event team, helps the dog foster coordinator team, and I think even recently became the dog foster program co manager.  Faith is always available for everyone to call with questions, she does not stop until she has every dog in need placed, and she often has anywhere from 2-6 fosters at her house as well.  Faith makes all fosters feel supported and is the best team leader I have ever volunteered with.  When any of us on the foster plea team cannot cover our shift she quickly says no problem and covers it herself.  I have seen her cover 12 days straight with no complaints because all of us had things come up.  I truly do not know what we do without Faith in the dog foster program.” ~Anonymous

“Faith is like a car engine. even when you don’t see her, she makes things run (well). She is a Honda or Volvo. High quality,  hardly ever breaks down :)” ~Miki

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  1. Annsays: November 15, 2011 at 4:45 pm

    Faith is indeed amazing! Check out more about her on the Dog Foster Facebook page at!/notes/austin-pets-alive-dog-foster-team/meet-faith-wright-dog-foster-team-co-manager/285047474852032 She has been an incredible asset to the Dog Foster Team and to APA! As others have noted, she works nonstop to make sure that all dogs in need find a foster home. She is also personally responsible for saving so many lives through her own fostering. Thank you Faith!