All George Wants for Christmas…

by Hilary Bentley • Posted in: Behavior, Donations, Foster, Fundraising, Pets Needing Homes, Special Needs Pets

George needs your help to make his Christmas wish come true.  The handsome, snow white pittie mix with the light green eyes is hoping for the chance to turn his luck around and make his future a bright one.

George came to the shelter as a puppy…an adorable roly poly puppy without the ability to hear.  Being deaf does not have to hold a dog back one bit.  But being deaf in a shelter brings added challenges.   Without a home of his own, it falls to APA!’s Dog Behavior Team to get George the support he needs – and we are determined to do just that.

Any dog who comes to the shelter as a young or adolescent puppy and does not get adopted quickly reaches a threshold where the shelter environment no longer works for them.  Growing up in the shelter is far from ideal and, even with all of the behavior support a dog is provided, they cannot stay in that environment indefinitely.

George came to APA! when he was about 5 months old.  He is now 9 months old.

Mini George…

…and Medium George both like to go on outings.

Mini George…

…and Medium George are both very intelligent, thoughtful boys.

And, Mini George…

…and Medium George both love to nap.

From the tiny puppy George was when he came to us, to the bigger adolescent pup George is today, one thing has always been clear; this is a very special dog who deserves to live a wonderful life filled with all of the happy, normal doggie experiences.

Unfortunately, it has also become clear to us that George is not on the path to that life right now and that we need to intervene and change his trajectory.  We have done our best for George with our in-shelter behavior program and it’s time to step up our game.

George has the opportunity to participate in a 16 day intensive foster style board and train program through The Canine Center for Training and Behavior.  Unlike most traditional board & trains where a dog stays at the shelter or training facility in a crate or kennel and is taken out a few times a day to be worked with, George will be living at four separate trainers’ homes.  He will receive 1:1 training support in an environment that allows him to relax and just be a dog; something George has become too stressed in the shelter environment to allow himself to do.

Upon completion of this program, George will transition to a foster home with APA! where he will continue working the program and building the skills he’s learned at TCCTB until adoption.  What’s more, he will be far better prepared to thrive in his adoptive home when his people finally find him.

George’s foster/train program will cost us $500 and we can tell you he is worth every penny and more.  Please help us raise the money to get this special dog the support he needs to find his way home!

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2 Responses to "All George Wants for Christmas…"

  1. Linda Gsays: December 22, 2011 at 3:07 pm

    I have a question, has anyone written to the BBB or maybe a renter’s association, not sure what they’re called, but the apartment complexes so they would waive the pet fee? Apartment pet fee’s are crazy high and at times forces people to have to give their pets up during these hard times because they can’t come up with the 300 to 500 dog fee and/or folks wanting to get a pet, but can’t afford the charge!

    Children are safer with pets around barking if something unusual happens, and children feel safer with pets…. And it’s been written that predator’s pass over houses with dogs in them! Just think how many people want pets but can’t afford the Apt Pet Fee charge…

    I love your web site and the work you all do!

    Signed, A Pet Lover

  2. Michelle Hsays: December 22, 2011 at 9:45 pm

    Such a touching story. I agree with the previous comment by Linda.

    I’m relocating from Atlanta and have been looking for a rental in Austin that allows large dogs (I have 2 rescues, 75+ lbs each). All of the apartment fees are large, and most places I’ve seen also charge “pet rent” (about $15-20 extra per month) on top of that. They do not however charge any of these fees if you have a service dog. So I wonder if you could find a way to get these waived for having a disabled rescue.

    Keeping George in my thoughts and prayers! I wish I could save them all!