Dawson’s Journey Back to Life

by Rebecca Reid • Posted in: Fundraising, Parvo Puppy Program, Rescue, Where are they now

Dawson was a ten-week-old puppy living on the streets and scavenging for food. He came to Austin Pets Alive! barely able to breathe, his skin falling off in clumps and covered in ticks, his skinny body hardly able to move. But his tiny little tail kept wagging. Dawson was rushed to emergency surgery where a chicken bone was removed from his throat. Within seconds, he could breathe again. But within days, he was diagnosed with Parvovirus.

Watch this video to see Dawson’s journey back from the brink of death.

Dawson gets to celebrate the gift of life this holiday season.

Without you, he wouldn’t have. 

Without you, he would just be another shelter statistic as one of the hundreds of animals who was “justifiably” killed in a municipal shelter this year. But because of donations like yours, Austin Pets Alive! didn’t hesitate to pull him to safety when he was threatened with euthanasia.

You believe that lives like Dawson’s are worth saving. So please donate today to ensure that another puppy just like him has a shot at happiness.



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