On the 12th Day of Saves APA saved Poms!

by austinpetsalive • Posted in: Adoptions, Pets Needing Homes

This is Harley and Harriet AKA So-Cute-Your-Heart-Melts. These two came into APA’s Parvo Ward with their mother, Harriet, and brother, Hashbrown. They all received treatment, and little Hashbrown endured the worst of it. He was rightly named Hashbrown as he was the only family member with a fluffy brown coat. Hashbrown fought as hard as he could, the medical team worked day and night with him, but unfortunately he passed away. Hayley and Harley continued to fight the hated virus. Volunteers say Hayley would crawl into their lap any chance she got. Even if she was poked for her injection, she’d just try to snuggle closer. It was like she didn’t know where the needle was coming from but found comfort and protection in the arms of people. Harley also liked to snuggle volunteers and give eskimo kisses.

Before long and after the Parvo team worked their magic, the Pom Pom family was ready to be discharged from the Parvo Ward, and go into a foster home.

Harriet is a good mama to her pups. She is still very watchful of her puppies. If they start to get themselves into trouble, she will go get her foster mom’s attention and demand puppy control. Harriet is great friends with the dogs and cat that also live in the foster home. She plays well in the backyard with the big dog, and is good at sharing and takes turns with treats and food. She is very sweet and cuddly. Bully sticks and dream treats are her favorite. Her foster mom says, “She still has a lot of cute little puppy behavior. And when she looks at you with those big beautiful eyes, you feel like you could never let her down or disappoint her.”

(Harriet smiling at the camera.)

The pups are developing their own strong personalities.  Harley is bigger than Hayley, and weighs more too. He is the opposite of timid, he is too confident! He plays with the big dogs in the backyard with no reservations. Although he is a rascal with the other dogs, he is calm and even tempered when he plays with his little sister, Hayley.

Hayley is a typical teenage brat. When she doesn’t want to do something, she will show her attitude. She is always the sassy one when playing with brother and mom. On the other hand, she can be really sweet and cuddly. She even has a heart-shaped pattern on her face.

Both puppies have figured out that human laps and hugs are the best. They both sweetly ask to be held. They are into everything, and love it when they find the big dog’s bed empty. They bring their toys one-by-one to fill up the bed before they crawl into it.

This family deserves a forever home. Email email hidden; JavaScript is required if you are interested in meeting Harley, Hayley, or Harriet.