Terk: A Life Worth Saving

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Terk almost didn’t make it. This puppy came to Austin Pets Alive! with severe anemia, a really nasty skin infection and parasites. He was too weak to stand when he first arrived. In a traditional shelter, a puppy like Terk might be euthanized just because he looked and felt so bad.

But we knew Terk deserved a second chance, that his was a life worth saving. Something about the look in his eyes showed he was willing to fight if someone would fight for him. People often ask why we work so hard to save even the sickest animals and the answer is puppies like Terk.

With treatment all of Terk’s issues have been resolved. His hair is growing back and he is a happy, energetic puppy still with beautiful blue eyes. All he needed was some time to heal and now he’s ready for his forever family.

In 2015, Austin Pets Alive! has saved more than 3,000 dogs, many of them with issues like Terk’s. For this work to continue, your financial support is essential.

Double your impact today (or before December 31, 2015) and the Riseman Foundation, along with an anonymous donor, will match your gift, up to $15,000!

We know you agree that every ill or injured pet is a life worth saving. Help us save more lives like Terk’s and donate today.


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