APA! Medical Clinic

The Austin Pets Alive! Medical Clinic is the first place almost every animal goes when it enters our programs. The medical staff at Austin Pets Alive! has revolutionized the management of shelter care by using careful budgeting, accepting animals as if we are an open intake shelter, and agreeing to save them all rather than fall back on euthanasia (except in extreme cases). DONATE TODAY

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Our goal is to ensure each animal receives the medical care, kindness, and solicitude that we would give our own pets. We achieve this goal by providing: 

  • Routine medical care: pets who enter our program are immediately examined in our medical clinic. They are tested and treated for any medical issues, given any needed vaccinations and prevention medicines (flea prevention, heartworm prevention, etc) and micro-chipped. Animals continue to receive routine medical care from the clinic as long as they stay at APA!.
  • Surgery: APA! follows the guidelines for High Volume/High Quality spay/neuter and performs up to 165 spays/and neuters a week in addition to other surgeries such as mass removals, eye repairs, dental care, and wound/laceration repairs.
  • Illness/Injury/Emergency Care: About 85 percent of animals saved from the surrounding city shelters arrive with mild to severe illnesses or injuries.  The City of Austin calls on APA! to save more than 95 percent of the seriously ill or injured pets that they receive from the public. Because of this, the medical clinic at Austin Pets Alive! functions as an emergency clinic for these animals in addition to a wellness and surgical clinic.

APA! uses volunteers in the clinic to help with surgical recovery, sorting donations, prepping supplies for surgery, and to run wellness clinics for foster animals. Without these volunteers, expenses would be much higher. We also rely upon donated medications from individuals and vet clinics.

Donate to this program by visiting this page and selecting Medical Clinic from the drop-down box in the form.

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