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Jaguar’s Double Knee Surgery

Jaguar is a 6-year old female whose tail is the most used part of her body – she loves, loves her people! Jaguar arrived at Austin Pets Alive! with a torn cruciate and after her most recent orthopedic consultation is was discovered that she unfortunately has a torn cruciate in both of her knees. This will require surgery on both knees to alleviate her pain and help her get back to using all the parts of her body – not just her overly excited tail!

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New Study: The Economic Impact of No Kill in Austin

We are excited to share the results of a new study conducted by the University of Denver on the economic impact of No Kill in Austin. The study, which focuses on the combined efforts of Austin Pets Alive! and Austin Animal Center, found that since the No Kill Resolution passed in Austin in 2010, conservative regional estimates put the total positive economic impact of No Kill at over $157,000,000.

We always knew that No Kill was the right thing to do, morally. Now we have proof that it’s not only right for our pets, but also right for our city. Thank you for your continued … more

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Paris’ Polyp – FUND COMPLETED!

Miss Paris is a super sweet 2-year old cat who is currently suffering from a polyp in her ear. The polyp is in her ear canal and is causing repeat ear infections and pain for Paris. While the APA! Clinic team is helping to manage her current pain, ultimately the polyp needs to be taken out so that she can continue on to a happy, healthy life. Due to the nature of the polyp it needs to be removed by a specialist to make sure her hearing won’t be affected. Let’s help … more

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Champagne’s Injured Knee

Champagne is a beautiful, young pit mix who is so excited to be in a forever home! Much like her namesake this bubbly girl loves to have a good time, but before we raise our glasses and toast to her health, she needs a little help raising some surgery funds. Not only does this happy girl have heartworms, she is also suffering from some orthopedic issues. Before she can dance the night away, she needs to get her luxating patella surgically repaired. After she recovers from surgery, APA! can treat her for her … more

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Alonso’s ACL Needs Our Help – FUND COMPLETED!

Alonso is one of the most people-oriented dogs you’ll ever met – he loves everybody! He is currently spending his time in foster snuggled up with his humans and showing off his zest for life. Alonso came to APA! because he was suffering from seizures and in his short time here our APA! Clinic team has worked hard to help get his seizures under control.

Unfortunately for Alonso, his seizures were just one of his problems. He is also suffering from a torn ACL and a luxating patella. These injuries require surgery in … more

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Dr. Jefferson on Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

A Letter From Dr. Ellen Jefferson, Executive Director of Austin Pets Alive!

I would never have expected, in a million years, a hurricane of this magnitude and destruction to affect the regions of Texas so close to us. There is no way that we could have been prepared for it. And even if we were, I don’t know that we could have been prepared for how little help arrived quickly, as animals were about to or were actually meeting their doom.  

It all started the Thursday before the Hurricane hit (Aug. 24), with a quick conversation amongst … more

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TRIO for Paws: Lawn Party & Silent Auction!

Now in its fifth year, Four Seasons Hotel Austin’s TRIO for Paws Lawn Party returns this month with exciting new details and some furrier-than-usual guests of honor. The event, which benefits Austin Pets Alive!, the Austin Humane Society and Emancipet, takes place Sept. 20, 2017 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm on the downtown Austin hotel’s expansive back lawn – the perfect setting since, for the first time ever, many of the attendees are expected to be of the canine kind.

“In years’ past … more

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55 Million Pounds of Dog Poo


Quick question: did you pick up your pup’s poop today? Yes, I know, you think, “one pile of pet waste, what’s it to me?” “I left my poop bag at home, this one pile won’t matter, etc.” We’ve all been there, and we’ve heard (and used!) every excuse in the book.

And you’re right, one pile might not seem like a lot; however, more than 250,000 dogs live in Austin, generating 150,000 pounds of waste throughout the city every day.

So how much are … more

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