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Scrappy’s Ear Surgery

Scrappy is an almost 2-year-old who unfortunately needs yet another surgery to help him live out the rest of his life happy, healthy and care-free. Scrappy came to APA! last fall and after undergoing entropion eye surgery and Total Ear Canal Ablation on his right ear, now needs another Total Ear Canal Ablation (TECA), this time on his left ear. Our APA! Clinic team has exhausted every other option to help Scrappy with his chronic, painful ear infections, but nothing has worked. With the success of first surgery, we are excited to … more

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Senior Skip Day 2018!

This past weekend, some of our senior animals got the “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” treatment as they spent time skipping the shelter to see the sights around Austin!

We started with Chuey who wanted to have a nice lunch at Uchiko! There were just too many options for the sweet girl but she loved every moment.

Next, Rosalyn hit up the Graffiti park! She loved all the colors and smells. She even got to witness a marriage proposal!more

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Palm Valley Miniseries: In Pursuit of No Kill

Our work at Palm Valley Animal Center (PVAC) continues, and I know that many of you are eager for an update!

I’ve got some exciting news! On May 22nd, the PVAC board took action to declare that PVAC/PAWS is now pursuing No Kill! The assistance that APA! has provided has given this community the right tools to not only hope for change, but to see change and the ability to continue to confidently move forward! Moments like this are exactly why the Maddie’s® Lifesaving Academy was launched – to provide knowledge to communities who want to take steps toward, and achieve … more

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Wyatt’s Skin Troubles – FUND COMPLETED!

Wyatt is a three-year-old pup who like most of Austin is suffering from some serious allergies. His constant itchiness is causing skin issues, and the only way our APA! Clinic team has been able to get him some relief is with Apoquel, an expensive medication. Unfortunately for Wyatt, his prescription just ran out. Can you help us raise the funds to restock his prescription and keep Wyatt itch free?

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Rosalyn’s Bloodwork – FUND COMPLETED!

Rosalyn is a sweet old lady who is currently suffering from liver issues. Our APA! Clinic team needs to run some bloodwork to see what we can do to help her be comfy and healthy while she waits for her forever home!

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Palm Valley Miniseries: Charly the Macaque and More!

Hi all! Faith Wright, here. I’m the staffer at PVAC (thanks to a grant from Best Friends Animal Society to help fund this on-the-ground initiative), helping them work through incredible changes that have already affected so much lifesaving at this shelter. A lot has happened down in Palm Valley since the saga with Charly, the Japanese Macaque primate who survived thanks to the incredibly rallying power of this community! While Austin Pets Alive!, as a shelter, exclusively focuses on cat and dog lifesaving, Palm Valley Animal Center receives … more

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Love Your Pet, Love Your City: Scoop the Poop!

Pets are our companions, service animals, and beloved members of the family. But their waste, if left behind, can cause real problems at that spot and well beyond.   

Fact: Pet poop is pollution.  

Pet waste can contain bacteria, viruses, and parasites, like roundworm and E. coli, many of which can live for days or months after being deposited. Even after the pile of waste has vanished, these unseen organisms can make the pets and … more

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Jetty Needs an Ultrasound – FUND COMPLETED!

Jetty is a senior gentleman who arrived at APA! with a mass on his bladder and covered in lumps. Our APA! Clinic team is concerned that the lumps covering his body may be cancerous, and need to run an ultrasound to determine a treatment plan to help this sweet boy.

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