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Sky’s Bilateral Cruciate Rupture

Sky is a sweet three-year old who wants nothing more than to run and play pain-free! Unfortunately, this young lady is suffering from a bilateral cruciate rupture, which means that she will need surgery in both of her knees. The APA! Clinic team is working closely with Dr. Allman, who will be able to help get Sky back to feeling footloose and fancy-free once the funds for her surgeries can be raised.

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Sephora’s Surgery

Sephora is a sweet young thing, who loves nothing more than to shower her humans with affection! Unfortunately, this friendly, fun loving girl arrived at APA! after healing very poorly from a pelvis, spine and femur fraction. The APA! Clinic team doesn’t know what happened to Sephora before she came to Austin Pets Alive!, but they do know that now she will need surgery to recover. Luckily, Dr. Allman and his team are ready to help Sephora get to feeling better and enjoying her life, just as soon as the funds can … more

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Mr. Norris’ Bathroom Struggles – FUND COMPLETED!

Mr. Norris is sweet young man who is currently having some bathroom struggles and our APA! Clinic team needs to run some tests to see how we can help get him feeling better!

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Follow the Fellow: Update from Sheila Kouhkan

Hi guys!

During my time shadowing and training with the experts at Austin Animal Center (AAC) as part of my Maddie’s Executive Leadership Fellowship experience (#ThankstoMaddie!), it has become clearer than ever that Austin’s unique collaborative community model is a huge part of its No Kill success. Both Austin Pets Alive! and Austin Animal Center operate with the mindset that people are the solution. And, in turn, the perception of the shelter by the public is that the shelter is more of a community resource rather than a holding place for homeless animals. Instead of acting as a last resort for … more

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Nevada’s Echocardiogram – FUND COMPLETED!

You may remember Nevada from our previous post, where she was lucky enough to receive the funding needed for her double wrist surgery. Now this sweet little girl needs our help again, in addition to her wrist injuries Nevada is suffering from a heart murmur. The APA! Clinic team needs to perform an echocardiogram to continue to help Nevada on her road to recovery.

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Palm Valley Miniseries: Updates from the Ground

The progress at PVAC continues and, while there is still more work to be done, it is becoming clearer with every passing day that the South Texas community wants to move towards life saving together!

Over 3,000 dogs and cats have been transferred out to multiple rescues since the beginning of the year (as we mentioned in our last installment of this series, just over 600 of those originally came to APA!). To put this into perspective, that is more than half of what was done in the whole of last year! The save rate is holding steady at 51% (up … more

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Nevada’s Double Wrist Surgery – FUND COMPLETED!

Nevada is a sweet 6-month old kitten who arrived at Austin Pets Alive! with scabies and a deformity in both of her “wrists” that requires orthopedic surgery. She’s as sweet as can be, and now that the APA! Clinic has helped her become scabies free she is ready for surgery. This surgery will help fix up her little paws, so that she can live out the rest of her life as the playful, loving kitten that she is ready to be!

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Jaha’s Luxating Patella

Little Jaha needs surgery on his knee. He has what is known as a luxating patella, which means that his knee cap pops out of place and gets stuck. This is fairly common for little guys like Jaha, and luckily there’s a fairly easy fix! He needs a surgical procedure to help his knee stay where it’s supposed to be and allow him to live his life to the fullest.

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