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Maine Coon Cat With A Big Heart (and a murmer)

You’ve heard about Large Marge? How about Large LARS?! Lars Ulrich is a BIG, sweet, Maine Coon cat with a sweet heart that has a bit of a problem. There’s a slight murmur in his big ol’ ticker, and we want to take a look with an echocardiogram. This technology uses sound waves to create pictures of the heart’s chambers, valves, walls and the blood vessels (aorta, arteries, veins) attached to the heart. This way we can best know how to treat Lars going forward.

It’s rare that we get a pure bred … more

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Adventures Await with Bock


Hi! I’m Bock. My friends call me Chicken. Not because I’m scared of anything, believe me, just because if you say my name three times fast (Bock-Bock-Bock) it sounds like a chicken talking. Did you know chickens can talk?

I’ve been hanging out with the fun people at Austin Pets Alive! for a while now and guess what? I have learned so much! Seriously, if there were an Olympics for shelter dogs, I would have more medals than Michael Phelps.  Just look at all the … more

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Kapoa’s Got Arthritis!

Rickety, crickety, crack! Kapoa’s joints are going clickity clack!
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If you’ve ever had an achey joint, then you know how painful it can be. Poor buddy Kapoa has a few aches and pains after a series of bad luck bone issues. This tough pitty mix has had a couple orthopedic surgeries to correct his issues, with a very real possibility of amputations.

He’s been fortunate enough to keep all of his legs, but that’s not been without some side effects. Kapoa’s developed a … more

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April Dog Adoption Event: Chews Rescue Shelter Campaign

Austin Pets Alive! is one of three shelters around the country selected to benefit from the Chews Rescue Shelter Campaign – meaning that all dog adoption fees will be covered by Barkworthies on April 29 and 30. Check out the below press release for more information and stay tuned on APA! social media channels for details!

Program Aims to Raise Awareness for Rescues, Cover Adoption Costs at Austin Pets Alive! for Adopt a Shelter Pet … more

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Volunteer Spotlight – Melissa Jones

Melissa Jones started volunteering with Austin Pets Alive! because of her passion for dogs and her love of APA!’s mission – saving cats and dogs deemed potentially ‘unadoptable.’ Unfortunately, Melissa’s job and her own dog, Crosby, prevent her from being able to volunteer much during the week, but she makes sure to come out any Saturday that she can. One of those Saturdays, while she was on-site to walk dogs, Melissa passed through our Adoption Center (Building B) and thought, “This place could really use some love!”

An … more

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Update: Daphne is still undergoing treatment

You may remember Daphne from a previous blog post. Daphne suffered from acid reflux during a surgical procedure that left her unable to swallow any food. The stomach acid caused burns in a portion of her esophagus that resulted in scar tissue narrowing the opening. It was a rare and life threatening condition. Daphne was losing weight from not being able to keep food down and was losing her spirit.

Because of the generous donations Daphne received, she has been undergoing treatment at a emergency and specialty hospital that utilizes a special “balloon” … more

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Fitzgerald, a scary situation. FUND COMPLETE! THANK YOU!

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The sweet eyes looking up at you are a good distraction to Fitzgerald’s very serious problem. There aren’t many ways to delicately dance around his issues, but if you are looking for the kid friendly version, here is goes: Fitzgerald has a potentially deadly fungal infection on his undercarriage. This infection has created a very large wound that is causing significant harm to his ‘external organs’.





While the medical clinic at Austin Pets Alive! awaits … more

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Mega’s Bad Luck Back Legs

labrador at no kill shelter needs leg surgery

A two year old lab mix was made for jumping fences, chasing squirrels, leaping for kisses, and bouncing for joy. That’s why Mega looks so bummed out – she can’t fulfill any of her rightful labrador duties until she has surgery on both of her back legs. If you’ve ever had a torn ACL, you know how painful it can be. Luckily, Austin Pets Alive! has had wonderful luck fixing up these pups with a procedure called a bilateral TPLO. If Mega has any hope … more

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