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Dr. Jefferson on Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

A Letter From Dr. Ellen Jefferson, Executive Director of Austin Pets Alive!

I would never have expected, in a million years, a hurricane of this magnitude and destruction to affect the regions of Texas so close to us. There is no way that we could have been prepared for it. And even if we were, I don’t know that we could have been prepared for how little help arrived quickly, as animals were about to or were actually meeting their doom.  

It all started the Thursday before the Hurricane hit (Aug. 24), with a quick conversation amongst … more

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TRIO for Paws: Lawn Party & Silent Auction!

Now in its fifth year, Four Seasons Hotel Austin’s TRIO for Paws Lawn Party returns this month with exciting new details and some furrier-than-usual guests of honor. The event, which benefits Austin Pets Alive!, the Austin Humane Society and Emancipet, takes place Sept. 20, 2017 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm on the downtown Austin hotel’s expansive back lawn – the perfect setting since, for the first time ever, many of the attendees are expected to be of the canine kind.

“In years’ past … more

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55 Million Pounds of Dog Poo


Quick question: did you pick up your pup’s poop today? Yes, I know, you think, “one pile of pet waste, what’s it to me?” “I left my poop bag at home, this one pile won’t matter, etc.” We’ve all been there, and we’ve heard (and used!) every excuse in the book.

And you’re right, one pile might not seem like a lot; however, more than 250,000 dogs live in Austin, generating 150,000 pounds of waste throughout the city every day.

So how much are … more

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APA! Hurricane Harvey Evacuations

To every person, organization and business that has stepped up during this time of incredible crisis: thank you. We’re still in the thick of things here at Austin Pets Alive!, but lifesaving on this scale truly would not have been possible without each of you. You have saved lives.

Because of unmatched community support, the impact of this initiative has allowed:

Over 2,000 animals to be rescued by Austin Pets Alive!.
APA! to open two temporary shelters – one in Austin and one Houston – to help manage the scale of this effort.
Over 6,000 volunteer hours at our Austin locations … more

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Rosa’s Torn ACLs

Rosa is the sweetest elderly lady, but she has a problem: due to her bilaterally torn ACLs, she has trouble walking. Our vets say, if left untreated, she may not be able to walk at all in the next couple of years. To treat it, our vets need $1,500 to perform a bilateral TPLO to stabilize her joints.
Help this adorable girl live out her golden years with lots of walks and playing!

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Jar Jar the Pup Needs Help Growing Up

Jar Jar looks like a happy fluff ball, but he’s a bit behind the pack. At almost 3 months of age, he’s half the size of his siblings. After weeks of IV treatments and several courses of medication, he is finally a fun loving puppy who is starting to grow! However, the underlying cause of his issues is still unknown. Our clinic team needs $150 to do some further testing to find out why this little guy is still anemic, so he can prance into his forever home as soon as … more

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Darla Needs Help Slimming Down

Despite her best dieting efforts, sweet Darla has been unable to lose weight! She’s a TOP Dog Trainee, so it can’t be a lack of movement and workouts. Even after food restricting, it’s just not happening. She should be around 70 lbs, but can’t seem to stop hovering around 80 lbs. Our APA! vets need $50 to run some tests to check her for a thyroid condition.
Help this sweet girl shed those pounds now!

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Galaxy’s Double Knee Surgery

Galaxy is a sweet, affectionate, and goofy girl! Unfortunately, Galaxy is currently experiencing pain in her knees that is preventing her from being her true self, and requires her to have double knee surgery. While Galaxy is on pain meds to help manage the pain in her knees, our APA! Clinic team wants to get her in surgery as soon as possible. The adorable girl needs $1,500 to begin her road to recovery!

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