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APA! Takes In Abused-On-Facebook Dog Named Lady

Some of you may have recently heard of an incredibly disturbing, emotional and painful situation involving a dog named Lady in Texarkana, Texas. Lady was deeply abused – brutalized – and it was filmed by the abuser and shared on Facebook. The footage is too graphic for us to share, but Lady has been through more than any animal ever should, which is why this may be the first case of its kind to be prosecuted under the new felony abuse law.

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Newt’s Torn ACLs

Newt is a young, shaggy dude who looks like he’s straight out of the musical ‘Annie’. His tap dancing days are limited, however, due to both of his ACLs being torn. Luckily there is a fix! Thanks to a procedure called a Tibial-Plateau-Leveling-Osteotomy, Newt has the chance to get back on the big stage.

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Help Oliver Stay On All Fours!

Although 3-legged cats are all the rage, Oliver would prefer to keep his right where it is! With an injury that has an unknown history, Oliver needs to undergo a surgical procedure – $650 – to help save his leg. Without this procedure, Oliver will be in a great deal of pain and may have resulting arthritis. Our APA! Clinic team wants to help Oliver stay on all fours and we just need a little bit of help from you!

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Ducky’s Ticker Needs a Consult – FUND COMPLETED!

Ducky is a big, young man with the heart of an old timer. He has a significant heart murmur, and an echocardiogram indicated a lesion on his ticker. The amazing cardiology team at Texas A&M has agreed to do a consultation – $500 – to see if they can help Ducky live a long, healthy life. Once they get a clearer view of how they can help Ducky, he can hopefully get on their schedule to undergo heart surgery.

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Scrappy’s Ear Needs Our Help – FUND COMPLETED!

Scrappy is a 1-year old Shar-Pei mix that just had to undergo entropion eye surgery. This is when the skin around the eye rolls in and the fur rubs the cornea. The APA! Clinic team has repaired his eye and it is healing well, but unfortunately Scrappy also has a severe chronic ear infection that after time has closed around the ear canal. This is very painful for Scrappy and he needs a Total Earanal Ablation, where the ear canal is removed entirely. Without this procedure Scrappy will continue to have a chronic ear infection and be in pain…. more

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Sherlock Needs Surgery

Sherlock is a little kitty with two broken front legs. He was found in Fort Worth, and unfortunately was unable to get medical treatment for about two weeks after he was injured. Now he’s made it to the APA! Medical Clinic, but he’s in a lot of pain, and will likely need an amputation of one of his legs, and extensive orthopedic surgery on the other. He’s very sweet and has a chance at a long, happy life now that our APA! Clinic team is helping him. We just need your help to … more

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UPDATE: Sasha Needs More Help!

*UPDATE 12/11/17* Thanks to all of your support we were able to get Sasha the CT scan she needed. Unfortunately, she now needs a bone biopsy, leg amputation, and anti-fungal medication as a result of the CT findings ($350).


Sasha is one tough cookie, but she is in a lot of pain! With a leg that is too painful to touch, our veterinarians are not quite sure the source of little Sasha’s leg issues. Our orthopedic surgeon would like for her to get a CT scan to help decide if she has nerve … more

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2018 Bottle Baby Calendar Voting Has Begun!

The contestants are in for the highly anticipated and highly adorable 2018 “Bottle Baby” Calendar.

Help us decide what 13 kittens will be featured in next year’s calendar. Cast your vote by donating to the kitten you find the cutest! (Lucky #13 will make the cover!) Voting ends Wednesday, November 15th at 11PM so get your votes in quickly and don’t forget to campaign for your favorites.

Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom- there are dozens of wonderful, cuddly entries this year…. more

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