Austin Pets Alive! Medical Clinic

Thank you for fostering or adopting an animal from APA! Below you can find all the information for how to contact the medical clinic to report signs of illness, book an appointment or refill prescribed medications.

If your APA! Animal is experiencing a life or death medical emergency, please call 512-466-0720. Life or death symptoms include vomiting blood, not eating or drinking for more than 48 hours, trouble breathing, unstoppable bleeding, unconsciousness. Please have the APA! Number and name available ready when you call.

The APA! Medical Clinic is located at Building C, 1156 West Cesar Chavez, 512-466-0720. Open hours are Monday – Saturday 9am – 6:30pm, Sunday 10:30am – 6:30pm. Spay/Neuter days are Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays, drop off between 8am and 9am, pick up between 5pm and 6pm.

To collect flea or heartworm prevention for your foster or pre-adopted animal you do not need an appointment, just swing by the clinic during open hours with your animal’s APA! name, A number and current weight.

For pre-spay/neuter instructions, please click HERE.

To report new or changing signs of illness please click HERE.
Common issues include worms in stool, lack of appetite, signs of a cold/respiratory infection, diarrhea, vomiting. A staff member will get in touch with you to determine the appropriate course of treatment.

To request an appointment, please click HERE.
Appointments can be requested for vaccines & preventatives, heartworm tests, ringworm checks, glucose curves, distemper watch clearance, heartworm injections. If this is regarding a new or changing sign of illness, please contact the medical team before requesting an appointment.

To request a medication refill, please click HERE.
For existing, ongoing prescriptions.

To book your spay or neuter surgery, please click HERE.

To book your special surgery, please click HERE.
This includes dental surgeries, eye surgeries, amputations and orthopedic consults.

For general questions, or to provide feedback on your experience at the clinic, please click HERE.

How We Make Medical Decisions for Non-Routine Care

As a true no-kill partner in Austin, Austin Pets Alive! makes medical decisions differently from other types of organizations. Our priority is to save the life of every treatable homeless dog or cat rather than provide gold standard medical care to fewer animals while others are left behind to die.

Our resources are not limitless:

If we are to rescue as many cats and dogs at risk for needless euthanasia in other shelters as possible, then we must steward our resources carefully.

What does this mean when making medical decisions?
  • We treat life-threatening conditions
  • We alleviate pain
  • We immediately treat conditions that will get worse if we don’t act quickly
  • We cure conditions that will lead to long-term pain
  • As resources allow, we may treat a non life-threatening condition that we have determined is preventing an animal from being adopted
Some treatment will take extra time:

If an animal has a condition that is not immediately life-threatening and requires more resources than our medical budget can cover or specialized care that we lack in-house, Austin Pets Alive! will spend some time in:

  • Crowdfunding to raise money for treatment
  • Finding a specialty vet willing to donate care
  • Referring to a partner clinic for a paid consultation
  • Posting to other veterinarians/specialists for advice
  • Finding a lower cost solution

Austin Pets Alive! constantly strives to expand available resources, but we also must keep our no-kill model sustainable.

As a rule of thumb, we aim for what an animal lover of average means could reasonably provide.

Until every dog and cat is safe from needlessly being killed, we cannot afford more.

For more information about the conditions that we treat and how, please click HERE.